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Consolidation of financial statements takes place when one enterprise controls the other enterprise as per the definition of control. Consolidated financial statements are prepared by

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Market Analysis

Any corporate entity planning to start a product line needs to analyze the market. The market analysis can be consider as a feasibility analysis of proposed business.

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Taxation Law

Taxation law deals with the tax issues of the country. Every country has their own tax laws. They mainly include the constitution, common law, statutory and regulatory rules

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If you have any assessment related to building a website, CSS, or JavaScript, you can contact our experts for the help. We can help you build your own website in a short

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Demand Supply

It is one of important analysis to understand the other components of Economics. In business world every transaction’s economic value are determined based on demand and

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Supply Chain Management

The combination of such multiple organization is consider as supply chain. It is a concept that consider the operations beyond four wall of the organization and consider

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Macro Economics

The economic study can be classified as Micro level and Macro level economic. The macro economics helps to understand concepts like GDP- Measuring

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Operation Management

Operation Management is a process of managing the organizations resource in best possible combination. When the business is getting diverted on international

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Human Resource

For any successful organization Human Resource management plays very important role. Our experts are here to assist in understanding the different components of Human

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